Winter’s Warm

I love wearing a cute and comfortable outfit, taking a stroll to my favorite coffee shop, and tasting the warm latte. This winter, I was in love with Temple’s Spiced Mocha. There are many things I love about winter in Davis, but I love layering the most. 

It’s always fun to mix and play with different colors and materials so winter is a great season to show off your styling skill. Winter is about bringing out your sense of style and being comfortable with what you are wearing. Here are 3 outfit ideas that I hope you can use as inspiration. 

❄Outfit 1: The first outfit includes a long-sleeve top, overall, and booties. I accessorize this outfit with my Charles and Keith handbag and my ring set. Color coordination is important when it comes to patterns. A pink or neutral top would go well with my red and blue-lined culotte. I choose a tan long-sleeve top for my look to bring out the brownness of my overall and to suit the weather better. 

  1. -Tan long-sleeve top from Forever 21
  2. -Plaid brown overall from Forever 21
  3. -Black booties from TOMS
  4. -Rings from Forever 21

❄ Outfit 2: The second outfit’s theme color is grey. I match my patterned pants with a plain grey sweater to avoid using too many patterns. I also accessorize my look with a ring set and a wine-colored bag. This bag ties this outfit together, and also gives it a pop in color. The pants and the bag are the 2 main elements of this look.

  • -Plaid Print Pants from Forever 21
  • -Grey Sweater from H&M
  • -Bag from Charles and Keith

❄ Outfit 3 : The last outfit is the warmest of them all. Just kidding ?, I meant the color though.  For this outfit, I also have checked pants and a plain long-sleeve top. This outfit has a similar concept as compared to the 2nd one; however, I want to show you my experimentation with different colors. My checked pants are navy with rust and white, so I choose to pair it with a plain white/cream long-sleeve. I top my look with a very saturated-brown, fuzzy teddy coat and a black bag. 

  • -Teddy Coat from Forever 21
  • -Patterned pants from Forever 21
  • -Long-sleeve top from Forever 21
  • -Earrings from Madewell

⛄ Overall advice:

  • 1. Play with patterns, but do not overuse. 
  • 2. Pick an item to pop or tie your look together.
  • 3. Accessories can spice up your look 100%. 

Thank you for reading and HAVE A GOOD ONE!


Dixon Flower

 My July post features the sunflower field in Dixon, California. Every summer while traveling to the Bay Area, I am overwhelmed with the summer heat and the bright yellowness of sunflower fields. There are plenty of sunflower fields around Davis, Woodland, and Dixon; however, this field in Dixon has huge flowers and it’s very close to the freeway (I80). If you’re in Northern California, make sure you make a stop to feel the warmth of the golden sun and the sudden happiness that sunflowers bring you.

     I don’t know about you, but sunflower can instantly lift my mood. Sunflower symbolizes the sun with its petals representing the sun’s warm rays. It is the flower of warmth, energy, and longevity; therefore, sunflower bouquets can be picked up for any occasion and any gender. I couldn’t believe that there are as many as 70 species of sunflower out there. Sunflowers are not necessarily yellow, they can be red, pink, brown, copper, etc. 

     Sunflower will always be my favorite flower because of its liveliness and vibrancy. My outfit today is simple, cute, and elegant. Whenever I have an off-shower top on, I accessorize my look with both necklace and earrings so that my upper body isn’t empty or reveling. Straw hats will give your look a more summery feel. I chose a yellow top since yellow is one of my favorite colors. I styled my hair with loose and wavy curls for a natural look. Summer is a season to throw on a cute outfit, to get outside for ice-cream, to catch up with friends.

Outfit details